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All You Need to Know about the Domestic Violence Protection Order

Domestic violence has countless psychological, social, and physical impacts. It includes abusing or threats of abuse by any person whom you live with, be it a blood relative, spouse or partner.

The term abuse means intentionally hurting someone, either physically, verbally, sexually, mentally or emotionally. Threats of doing so, also count as abuse, along with harassing and stalking the person concerned. Keeping the safety of the public in mind, the courts and police have adopted the Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) to protect citizens from such unlawful acts.

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All You Need to Know about Workplace Discrimination and the Legal Actions Taken Against It

Every workplace may consist of many kinds of people, coming from different backgrounds, which makes it a diverse place for interaction. However, not everyone appreciates this diversity and this might result in discrimination against a particular group. At the workplace, discrimination occurs when biased decisions are made against people based on something, which is not under their control. These decisions can be related to promotion, hiring, termination, retribution, reward, assignment of a task, or any other work related scenarios.

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Crimes Committed By Mentally Ill Individuals

Research suggests that Crime and mental illness unfortunately go hand in hand. Records also show that many criminals usually have some sort of mental illness due which they end up facing repercussions from the  criminal justice system at any one or multiple points in their life. However, the offences may not always be violent crimes.

When it comes to criminal activities, many people try to avoid punishment by opting for the ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’ clause. This, however, causes difficulties for the court and requires psychological testing to proof the plea. It is then determined after the testing, whether a person should be admitted to a mental hospital or sentenced to jail.

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Child Custody after the Execution of a Divorce

Getting a divorce is a messy business and where children are concerned, it tends to become even more sensitive. A longitudinal study was conducted by Wallerstein et al. in this regard. They interviewed adult children of divorced parents, and discovered that all of them still carried some negative effect of their parent’s divorce, which had instilled a fear of relationships and commitment among them.

This tells us that no child is able to completely cope with their parents’ divorce; therefore, legal matters regarding child custody should be handled seriously and carefully to avoid the damaging psychological impact.

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Use of Force as Self Defence

The laws of self-defence differ in many countries but the general principle is mostly the same. The US allows its citizens to carry a few weapons with them in order to protect themselves; however, they must have a license to carry those arms. On the other hand, Australia is against the use of weapons in self-defence situations and is highly dependent on the police for the protection of its citizens.

Self-defence is an act performed by an individual to protect themselves in case of murderous intent, assault and battery, rape or any other violent act being committed towards them. A plea for self-defence can include any criminal charges or liabilities for committing a crime, causing injury to or death of another person in the situation.

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Adoption and Its Legal Requirements

Adoption is a common process these days but it has not been declared particularly, as a fundamental right of any citizen. This is why, in order to adopt a child or a teenager, a proper legal process is available and must be complied with. Only then will the authorities determine if the person is eligible to adopt a child.

As such, adoption means the legal process of taking responsibilities of a child as a parent and becoming a custodian for that minor. For the process to be successful, the guardian should be an adult and should form an emotional bond with that child over the course of time. This process further benefits the adoptee, by granting them the opportunity to become a legal heir of their adopted parents and eliminate their relationship with their birth parents.

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Laws Regarding Criminal Trespassing

Trespassing, in general, comes under the category of criminal law as well as tort law. However, this article will be focusing on criminal trespassing. It is also known as breaking and entering.

Entering or staying on a land or property without any authorization, permission or right is called criminal trespassing. It also includes entering a place of worship and committing offence, which comes under sacrilege. In such instances, the notices in opposition to entering or residing on the property, are sent, either through oral or written communication, by the owner or through the agent who has been given the authority to do so.

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How Does A Binding Financial Agreement Work?

Life is uncertain and by being realistic about it and planning before a problem occurs; you can avoid a lot of issues in the future. Binding financial agreements are those contracts which are made before, during or after the course of a relationship. It is based on the planning of finances and asset division if the relationship falls apart.

These agreements are made between people before, during, or after a de facto relationship or marriage; the de facto couples can be of same or opposite sex. Although a lot of people frown upon such agreements; they may save you from a lot of legal troubles.

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Laws regarding Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination. In it, the victim feels intimidated and mortified by any undesirable or unwanted sexual behavior. These sexual advances are not reciprocated or consensual. It is also highly contrary to everyday interactions, flirting or friendship among workers.

In a few circumstances, sexual harassment is against the law as stated by the Sex Discrimination Act 1984.These advances include, undesirable physical touching, sexual innuendos or remarks, requests for dates or sex, staring, sending sexual content through emails or text messages, or having journals, posters, or screensavers, which are inappropriate and of a sexual nature.

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Sexual Offences and Legal Actions against the Offenders

The Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) states sexual offences as criminal offences. These offences include; sexual assault, indecent assault, indecent acts, child sexual assault, and aggravated sexual assault. Committing these acts or even an attempt at committing them counts as a sexual offence.

In 1981, a few modifications were made in this act, which added ‘rape’ to the ‘sexual assault’ category. Moreover, the act was made gender neutral to remove the bias. Hence, now, both male and female can be victims and offenders. Below discussed are the definitions of these offences with the legal actions taken against them.

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